Greatest Need

Unrestricted Donations: Flexibility and security to provide support when and where it is needed most.

Once our students are housed, once their financial needs are met, we aim to ensure everyone can play a full part of our community, whether that be providing hardship bursaries in cases of need or ensuring good support structures are in place for our students.

Case study: Hardship Funding and supporting our community

In the past decade, our provision for hardship funding has grown substantially, enabling us to make grants to students in unforeseen financial difficulties at the point of need. Last year, £4,500 was paid out to students as emergency student support and to relieve unforeseen hardship, whilst other funds enabling students to undertake travel for their course, to reward students who achieve excellence and funds to support the range of social and sporting activities in College totalled over £20,000. These funds have enabled us to both provide a safety net for those most in need, and enrich the student experience for those who might otherwise not be able to play a full part in College life.