Research & Translation

As a global college with alumni in 116 countries, and international students accounting for 60% of the student body, many on one year courses, Hughes is well placed to consider global issues and address global questions. With your help and support, we can start to answer some of the most pressing questions of the modern world.


Case Study: Cambridge Governance Labs

Collaborating with Developing Countries to Promote Good Governance

As part of our commitment to making an impact on the wider world, Hughes Hall is supporting a new centre, headed by Hughes Law Fellow Dr John Barker, which aims to enhance governance literacy and practice by drawing on research and by engaging in field work. Cambridge Governance Labs is a multidisciplinary platform that enables academics, practitioners, governments and communities to develop and test practical, evidence-based decision-making strategies that enhance citizen engagement and responsive, accountable government.

 Case Study: Oracy@Cambridge

The Hughes Hall Centre for Effective Spoken Communication

Hughes Hall is proud to support Hughes Fellow Professor Neil Mercer in this exciting project, which aims to promote the teaching of core speaking and listening skills to children, teenagers and working adults. By helping people of all ages and backgrounds develop these skills, the Centre will address educational inequalities between those who are taught how to speak confidently, and those who currently are left behind. Funds and other expressions of support from alumni and others will be key in ensuring the success of this venture.