Supporting our Future

Supporting the future

The College owes its existance to the bequest of Emily and Jurgen Pfeiffer, keen advocates of the campaign for the education of women. Though founded in 1885, the College would only gain facilities and stability after this gift ten years later. Since then, the Cambridge Training College for Women has grown into the Hughes Hall of today, a full College with over 500 students from 70 countries in the full range of subjects offered by the University.

By remembering the College with a gift in your will, you can ensure that Hughes continues to be a home from home to students from all backgrounds, and that we can continue the good work that has made us what we are today.

Making a bequest

There are several types of bequest, and it is important that you choose the type you and your beneficiaries are most comfortable with. We have provided an outline below, but you should consult a solicitor before making major changes to your will. 

  • Pecuniary Bequests: this is a bequest for a specific sum. This can also be index-linked to inflation to maintain the gift's value over time. 
  • Residuary Bequests: this type of bequest allows the whole, or a certain percentage, of your estate to be bequethed to the College after other gifts have been made.
  • Reversionary Bequests: a bequest where the legator leaves their assets to a named beneficiary, who can use them in their own lifetime; after this, the estate or the specified part of the estate, 'reverts' to the College.
  • Specific/non monetary bequests: this could be shares, property, valuables such as artworks, or anything else of value which the College would retain or realise the value of.

Suggested wording

'I give to the President, Fellows and Students of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge (registered charity number 1137471) the residue/a proportion of the residue/the sum of £_______ free of tax for the general purposes of the College and I declare that the receipt of the Bursar or other authorised Officer for the time being of the College shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors”.

It is important to note that the above is intended as information only, and any changes to your will should be made in consultation with an appropriate legal professional. 

Tax matters

For UK alumni: Hughes Hall is a Registered charity. As such, any bequests you make to us are exempt from Inheritance Tax, and, should you choose to leave 10% of your estate to charity, inheritance tax will be charged on the remaining estate at a rate of 36%, rather than the usual rate of 40%.

For US alumni: US alumni and friends wishing to make a legacy favouring the College may wish to consult Cambridge in America who can advise on tax-efficient Planned Giving for Collegiate Cambridge.  Your bequest should state that Directors of Cambridge in America should exercise discretion and allocate your gift to support Hughes Hall. US supporters making legacies are also eligible for membership of the 1209 Society.

For Canadian alumni: The University of Cambridge is a recognised charitable institution, and Revenue Canada will accept authorised receipts produced by Collegiate Cambridge to enable Canadian donors to claim deductions on their taxable income. In the case of legacy gifts, the receipt is sent to the executor of the donor’s estate. If you are intending to leave a legacy to Hughes Hall, please make your executor aware of this procedure.

Let us say thank you

If you have included, or are planning to include Hughes Hall as a beneficiary in your will, please let us know so that we can ensure you are suitably thanked during your lifetime. You can let us know by post or email, giving your name and, if you so wish, the approximate value of your gift so that we can ensure we provide suitable thanks and can work with you to ensure your gift, when it comes, will be used in the most appropriate manner.

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Legacy information sheet

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